BKAMF features over forty events free of charge and three ticketed festival fund raisers:

Opening Night  Jalopy Theatre Thursday 9/16 Tickets HERE!

Dumbo Archway Stage Friday 9/17 Tickets $10 HERE

Americana Songbirds at Superfine Sunday 9/19 Tickets $10  HERE

Tanya Rynd and Cara Lee Sparry
Queen Esther
Nora Brown
Mazz Swift
Walter Parks
Mike Younger
Crys Matthews
Heather Mae
Samoa Wilson
Joanna Sternberg
Jesse Lenat
Danni Nicholls
Edan Archer
Eleanor Buckland
M Shanghai String Band
Olivia Ellen Lloyd
Bobby Blue
Jackson Lynch
Emerald Rae
Treya Lam
Rashad Brown
Maggie Carson
The Queens of Everything
Melanie Curran
Taylor Plas
Willy Gantrim
Erica Mancini
Feral Foster
Rebecca Birmingham – WFMU
Jack Grace Band
Ryan Engelbert and the Little Victories
Charlie Burnham
Story Time w/ Melanie Hope Greenberg
The Dang-it Bobbys
Peter Baldwin
Tina Lama
Hilary Hawke
John Platt
Smokey Hormel
Ken Shoji and Arnt Arntzen
Ashlie Atkinson
Tone’s Legendary Bluegrass Jam
Krissie Nagy
Dot Moore
Sunshine Nights
The Maybelles
A’yen Tran and Joe Bass
Queen Esther
The Woes
Pete Lanctot and Ginger Dolden
The Wild Goats
T Shirts!
Tank Tops!



Click the Day to Reveal its Schedule

  • Jalopy Theatre 8pm

M Shanghai String Band, Crys Matthews, Emerald Rae, and Jan Bell. Purchase $25 Tix


Sunnys Bar Red Hook  8pm – free

Samoa Wilson Trio



5pm Emerald Rae

Special Guest MC John Platt (WFUV)

5.30pm Bobtown

6.30pm Eleanor Buckland

7pm Crys Matthews and Heather Mae

8pm Mike Younger

9pm Jesse Lenat


8pm Jackson Lynch


‘Porch Stomp’ round robin Jam with Hilary Hawke, Tina Lama, Olivia Lloyd and Dot Moore 1pm – 3pm

Make Music NY ‘Autumn’ 2pm – 6pm

2pm: Kate Prascher 
3pm: Bears of Alaska 
4pm: Andrea Asprelli 
5pm: Olivia Lloyd 

Pier 6 Plaza Main Stage:

MC’s  Queen Esther & Krissie Nagy

3pm Queens of Everything

4pm Mazz Swift

5pm Crys Matthews and Heather Mae

6pm Eleanor Buckland

6:30pm The Maybelles


3 Ryan Engelbert

4 Melanie Curran

5 Danni Nicholls

5:30 Edan Archer

6 Bobby Blue

7 Samoa Wilson

8 Walter Parks

9 Maggie Carson


8pm Ken Shoji and Arnt Arntzen


8pm The Dang it Bobby’s

9pm Jack Grace

8pm Bobby Blue

9pm Samoa Wilson Trio


11am Story Time with Melanie Hope Greenberg

11:30 am Rosetta Serrano BKAMF ‘Young Musician of the Year’.

Noon – M Shanghai String Band

  • Liberty View Stage – Pier 6 Plaza Brooklyn Bridge Park – free

  • Make Music NY ‘Autumn’ 2pm – 6pm

2pm Willie Gantrim

3pm Feral Foster

4pm Taylor Plas

5pm Jackson Lynch

Main Stage Pier 6:

3 Emerald Rae

3:30 Squiretown

4 Mazz Swift

5pm Treya Lam

5:30 Joanna Sternberg

6pm Nora Brown


Sunny’s Red Hook – free

3pm Tone’s Bluegrass Jam


6:00pm Jan Bell

6:30pm Danni Nicholls

7:00pm Emerald Rae

7:30pm Queen Esther

  • 9pm Superfine Annual Dance Party with DJ DuctTape!!!!!


Tix and Free

Get your tickets to Opening Night Sept. 16th at Jalopy Theatre HERE!

This show sells out out every single year!

Dumbo Archway Stage Friday Sept. 17th Tickets $10 HERE.

Americana Songbirds at Superfine Sunday Sept. 19th Tickets $10 HERE

‘Americana in the Archway’ FREE

September 3rd – Rashad Brown

‘Americana in the Archway’ is produced in partnership with Dumbo BID as part of Daily Dose of Dumbo, leading up to the

7th Annual BKAMF September 16 – 19, 2021

Check out our FREE 2021 line up in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Pier 6 Sat/Sun Sept 18/19!

10 Amazing Summer things to do in Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park – TONY_LOGO

Thursday 9/16/21 – $25

Jalopy Theatre 8 – 10pm

8pm Emerald Rae

8:30pm M Shanghai

9pm Jan Bell

9:30pm Crys Matthews

Jalopy Tavern 7:30pm Rashad Brown

Friday 9/17/21 – $10

Dumbo Archway 5pm – 10pm

5pm Emerald Rae

Special guest MC: John Platt (WFUV)

5:30pm Bobtown

6:30pm Eleanor Buckland

7pm Crys Matthews and Heather Mae

8pm Mike Younger

9pm Jesse Lenat

Jalopy Tavern 8 – 10pm Olivia Ellen Lloyd

Superfine 9pm

DJ ‘Honky Tonk Radio Girl’ Rebecca Birmingham (WFMU)

Saturday 9/18/21

ALL Saturday and Sunday EVENTS ARE FREE

(Except ‘Americana Songbirds’ at Superfine Sunday night).

Pier 6 Brooklyn Bridge Park

1pm – 3pm

‘Porch Stomp Round Robin’ Jam on Liberty View Lawn. Led by Hilary Hawke (banjo), Tina Lama (upright bass), Olivia Ellen Lloyd (guitar), & Dotty Moore (Fiddle).

Pier 6 Ferry Entrance

Make Music NY ‘Autumn’

2pm: Kate Prascher 

3pm: Bears of Alaska 

4pm: Andrea Asprelli 

5pm: Olivia Ellen Lloyd 

Pier 6 Plaza Main Stage:

3pm – 7:30pm

3pm Queens of Everything

4pm Mazz Swift

5pm  Crys Matthews and Heather Rae

6pm Eleanor Buckland

6:30pm The Maybelles

Dumbo Archway 5pm – 10pm

3pm Ryan Engelbert

4pm Melanie Curran

5pm Danni Nichols

5:30pm Edan Archer

6pm Bobby Blue

7pm Samoa Wilson

8pm Walter Parks

9pm Maggie Carson

Jay St Bar 8 – 10pm

8pm The Dang It Bobby’s

9pm Jack Grace

Jalopy Tavern 8 – 10pm

8pm Sunshine Nights

Superfine 8 – 10pm

8pm Bobby Blue

9pm Samoa Wilson

Sunday 9/19/21

Pier 6 Brooklyn Bridge Park

In partnership with Make Music NY ‘Autumn’ 

Acoustic unplugged sets by NYC Ferry entry

2pm Jan Bell / 3pm Feral Foster / 4pm Taylor Plas / 5pm Jackson Lynch

Main Stage 3pm – 7pm FREE

3pm Emerald Rae

3:30 Squiretown

4pm Mazz Swift

5pm Treya Lam

5:30 Joanna Sternberg

6pm Nora Brown

Superfine Brunch 11 – 4pm

11am-Melanie Hope Greenberg Story time

11:30 Rosetta Serrano

Noon – 3pm M Shanghai Stringband.

Superfine Sunday Evening

Americana Songbirds at Superfine’ $10 Tickets

6pm Doors

Queen Esther, Danni Nicholls, Emerald Rae,

Eleanor Buckland, and Jan Bell

9pm DJ DuctTape 

Sunny’s Bar 8 – 10pm Every Night

Wed – Smokey’s Round Up

Thur – Samoa Wilson

Sat – Ken Shoji and Arnt Arntzen

3pm Sunday – Tone’s Bluegrass Jam


‘Spiritual successor: Americana jamboree is rooted in the old Dumbo Art Festival’ Max Jaeger
The Brooklyn Paper, New York Post Sunday Special
Kings of Americana! Bands to watch in DUMBO and Red Hook

THANK YOU to our Bkamf 2020 ‘Long Distance’ Virtual Artists.

Sixty three concerts live streamed and pre-recorded.

From lock down and quarantine in NYC, eleven states, and seven countries:

“If you hear twangs of mandolin or fiddle wafting across the East River, it’s not carrying up the coast from Nashville — it’s the Brooklyn Americana Music Festival, taking place on several stages in Dumbo.”  Critics Choice, The New York Times

“Folk music is alive and well in Brooklyn. A number of venues and musicians are committed to keeping traditional music—including folk, Americana, bluegrass, old time, and country music—on stage.” – Explore Brooklyn

Best things to do in NYC this week – METRO US  NY News

Biggest and best yet! Leaves Waterfront Wanting More – ‘Brooklyn Life’ DumboNYC

Top Ten things to do this week – Brokelyn
Variety and authenticity highlight Americana Festival – Brooklyn Roads

Significant music festival grows in Dumbo and Red Hook – Red Hook Star Revue

Superfine Bluegrass Brunch – The Best Live Music Brunch Spots in Brooklyn – Brooklyn Magazine

Click here to see the  brilliant history of the Dumbo Archway!

Meanwhile, enjoy our ‘Unlocked’ Folk Alliance International showcases on our Youtube Channel!

DUMBO Oral History Project with festival founder Jan Bell



BKAMF takes place on the unceded territory and ancestral land of the Lenape, which means “the People” including the Nayack and the Canarsee.

The Fabulous Jalopy Theatre


Dumbo Archway


Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 6


68 Jay St Bar


Sunny’s Bar





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Tax Deductible Donations via Brooklyn Arts Council

We are happy to doff our hat your way for any contribution. Sliding Scale Sponsorship starting at small business level $500
Signage on stage at seven indoor stages & two outdoor stages in Brooklyn Bridge Park & the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge
VIP tickets to the Opening Night Gala
Reserved picnic table at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo Archway outdoor stages
Back Stage Guest List Passes 
Shout outs from the stage  & Invitation Only events year round in Dumbo and Red Hook for you & friends and family.
The 7th Annual Brooklyn Americana Music Festival is made possible by public funds from the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and with funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.

The Festival is made possible in part by the office of Councilman Stephen Levin administered by Dumbo BID.

Thank you so much!