Brooklyn’s best play sixty shows at seven locations along the spectacular waterfront. Day time shows in The Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge (Friday and Saturday), & Brooklyn Bridge Park (Saturday and Sunday). Evening Shows at beloved pioneer establishments in Red Hook and Dumbo:  Jalopy Theatre, Sunny’s, Red Hook Bait and Tackle, 68 Jay Street Bar & Superfine

‘If you hear twangs of mandolin or fiddle wafting across the East River, it’s not carrying up the coast from Nashville — it’s the first Brooklyn Americana Music Festival, taking place on several stages in Dumbo.’ The New York Times

‘Spiritual Successor: Americana jamboree revives old music and old festival. Just like American tunes grew out of an older tradition, the first-year Americana festival is rooted in a previous one — it is a spiritual successor to the now-defunct Dumbo Arts Festival,’  The Brooklyn Paper, NY Post.

Winner of the ‘Dumbo Dozen’ Award for innovative and impactful work in the community at DUMBO Business Improvement District, AGM 2016



2016 Line Up

Watch the Kick Starter Video! Opening Night Gala at Jalopy Theatre! Purchase Tickets.

Queen Esther
The Chapin Sisters
Laura Cortese and The Dance Cards
Luke Winslow King.
High Plains Jamboree
The Defibulators
Smokey’s Secret Family
Hubby Jenkins
The Tillers
Sasha Dobson
M Shanghai String Band
Palomino Shakedown
Annie Keating
Palomino Shakedown
Casey Neill
Jesse Lenat
Alex Battles
Eva Salina
Will Scott
Dubl Handi
Greg Humphreys Electric Trio
Joseph Huber
The Dang It Bobbys
Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs
Karen Poliski
Clarence Bucaro
Abby Hollander Band
Dylan Charles and The Layton Sisters
Beth Bombara
Aron Blue and the Bootleggers
Feral Foster
Sunshine Nights
Silver City Bound
The Maybelles
Gin Daisy
Jack Grace Band
Rashad Brown
Nikolaus Schuhbeck and The Avalanches
The Working Mothers
Paranoid Larry
Curtis J Social
Bluegrass Jam at Sunny’s

2016 Schedule

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Opening Night Gala – Friday, September 23rd at 8pm

at The Fabulous Jalopy Theatre, 315 Columbia St, Red Hook, Bklyn.


The Chapin Sisters, Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards, The Tillers, Queen Esther, Beth Bombara, and Rashad Brown.


Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 6

Saturday 2pm – 8pm

  • 2pm The Jalopy Chorus
  • 2:30pm Eva Salina
  • 3pm Silver City Bound
  • 4pm Queen Esther
  • 5pm Luke Winslow King
  • 6pm The Maybelles
  • 7pm M Shanghai String Band

Sunday 2pm – 8pm

  • 2pm Nikolaus Shubeck and The Avalanches
  • 3pm The Dang It Bobbys
  • 4pm Annie Keating
  • 5pm Hubby Jenkins
  • 6pm Karen Poliski
  • 6:30pm Will Scott
  • 7pm Bobtown


68 Jay St Bar


4pm – 12am

  • 4pm Sunshine Nights
  • 5pm Joseph Huber
  • 6pm Gin Daisy
  • 7pm Feral Foster
  • 8pm Clarence Bucaro
  • 9pm Landry McMeans
  • 10pm Rench
  • 11pm Alex Battles

In The Archway


Friday 2pm – 9pm

  • 2pm Dylan Charles and the Layton Sisters
  • 3pm The Maybelles
  • 4pm Jesse Lenat
  • 5pm Beth Bombara
  • 6pm Curtis Brewer
  • 7pm Palomino Shakedown
  • 8pm Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs
  • 9pm Greg Humphreys Electric Trio

In The Archway


Saturday 2pm – 9pm

  • 2pm The Working Mothers
  • 3pm Chris Nattras and Co.
  • 4pm Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards
  • 5pm Casey Neill
  • 6pm Sasha Dobson and Daria Grace
  • 7pm The Defibulators
  • 8pm Luke Winslow King
  • 9pm Will Scott



Sunday 11am – 5:00pm

Superfine After Party Austin, TX style!

Sunday 8pm – late:

  • 8pm High Plains Jamboree
  • 10pm Palomino Shakedown

68 Jay St Bar


7pm Peter Baldwin

Red Hook Bait & Tackle

Friday 9pm Paranoid Larry /  10pm Joseph Huber

Saturday 9pm Aron Blue and the Bootleggers / 10pm Jack Grace

Sunny’s Bar

Friday 7pm Casey Neill / 10pm Smokey’s Secret Family

Saturday 9pm Bluegrass Jam

Sunday 7pm Seth Kessel and the two cent band








The Fabulous Jalopy Theatre


Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6


68 Jay St Bar


In The Archway


Red Hook Bait & Tackle


Sunny’s Bar




Snap Shots!

Photographers volunteered at every stage. More links coming soon!

Click here to see The Old time Jam, Jalopy Theatre, and The Archway under The Manhattan Bridge Stage photography by Katie Kovach

BKAMF 2015 292BKAMF 2015 275BKAMF 2015 270

Here’s a few snapshots. The fabulous Jalopy Theatre (above) Opening Gala! Next day our Brooklyn Bridge Park stage kicked off Saturday festivities!

BKAMF 2015 301BKAMF 2015 319BKAMF 2015 316

The Light House looked after us all weekend! Thanks to Coney Island Brewing Company in The Archway under the Manhattan Bridge.

BKAMF 2015 309 BKAMF 2015 361BKAMF 2015 446BKAMF 2015 392

BKAMF 2015 396BKAMF 2015 398BKAMF 2015 408BKAMF 2015 35112079251_10153173041121453_6485241777777614939_nP100073912031475_143111022705040_8484352803578323245_o

Superfine restaurant, bar, and art gallery hosts live bands every Sunday year round!

BKAMF 2015 365BKAMF 2015 468BKAMF 2015 422

68 Jay Street Bar hosted the Howard Brofsky memorial Jazz jam Sunday, and Americana Saturday night:

BKAMF 2015 427BKAMF 2015 440BKAMF 2015 382

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy Stage and The Archway Stage. Photography by Narunas Bauckaukus:


A  quick glimpse of so many other magic moments:

BKAMF 2015 307BKAMF 2015 407BKAMF 2015 433BKAMF 2015 340BKAMF 2015 387BKAMF 2015 284

BKAMF 2015 259BKAMF 2015 334BKAMF 2015 348BKAMF 2015 388BKAMF 2015 402BKAMF 2015 261BKAMF 2015 335BKAMF 2015 331BKAMF 2015 336 BKAMF 2015 281BKAMF 2015 293BKAMF 2015 4252015 into May 373BKAMF 2015 372BKAMF 2015 315BKAMF 2015 394BKAMF 2015 404BKAMF 2015 370BKAMF 2015 432BKAMF 2015 444

BKAMF 2015 324BKAMF 2015 322BKAMF 2015 305

BKAMF 2015 217BKAMF 2015 337BKAMF 2015 160





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